Hello. My name is

  I'm a Seattle based professional weirdo and sometimes I can draw pretty well... I think.

  Since 2004, I've been creating digital illustration and 3D environmental assets for all kinds of studios ranging from start up teams to major triple-A title producers.

  I've also freelanced as a graphic designer, crafting logos and branding for individuals, collaborative projects, and non-profit organizations focusing on intersectional activism and community justice.

  My inspiration comes from my absorption of science fictions and fantasies of alternate realities and the kind of immersive experience that can be crafted around them. I love television, comic books, video games, mega-budget cross-franchise world building, and long walks on the beach, but enough about me. I prefer letting my work speak for itself or speaking directly to you about what I can do for you.

  If you feel like my talent can contribute to your team then Contact me Hire me!
Thank you for your time~!



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